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Mission Statement

Venkateshwara Occupational Health Service is a company which aims to provide a confidential and specialist service in order to promote and maintain the health of those at work and to encourage a safe working environment VH promotes employee occupational health and helps you meet your business objectives. We believe that it is important to integrate the occupational health service with your business, and in particular with policy and practice started by human resources.. This ensures that the occupational health service works the way you want it.

Our Occupational health report services aim to:

* Improve the cost-effectiveness of occupational health delivery for you
* Improve the speed of access to occupational health reports for managing ill health and absence:
* Reduce client risk costs with bespoke business focused services.
* VH search for the best possible mix of occupational health services. As a specialist occupational health adviser we save you lots of time and reduce your costs.

Welcome to Venkateshwara occupational health services

Company Profile

Venkateshwara occupational health centre is a highly innovative company managed in Hyderabad and comprising medical staff with experience in the provision of occupational and primary health care services since 1996....

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Occupational Health

This policy document refers to the following aims and objectives outlined in the Council’s general statement of Health & Safety Policy The responsibility to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that working conditions and all work activities and workplace...

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Vtp Programs

India would need over 500 million skilled people by 2022 across following sectors: Auto and Auto Components, Building and Construction Materials, Building and Construction, Real Estate Services, Electronics and ....

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