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Build a "skilled India" with Venkateshwara ohc Learning. It aims to skill and place 12 million youth across sectors.

India would need over 500 million skilled people by 2022 across following sectors: Auto and Auto Components, Building and Construction Materials, Building and Construction, Real Estate Services, Electronics and IT Hardware, Education and Skill Development Services, Food Processing, Gems and Jewellery, Healthcare, Textiles, Leather and Leather Goods, Organised Retail, Tourism and Hospitality. Transportation and Logistics, Media and Entertainment, BFSI, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Furniture and Furnishings, IT and ITES.. While there are millions of jobs opportunities across these sectors; industry continues to struggle for skilled talent. In order to bridge this talent gap, Venkateshwara ohc Learning offers skill building solutions across the “Skill Pyramid.” It offers employability programmes that in turn creates corporate ready workforce. Besides, it has floated a SPV- Venkateshwara ohc WorkSkills India,

Some of Venkateshwara ohc Learning ‘s skill building solutions include:

• Offering end-to-end skill building programmes focusing on improving the employability quotient of aspirants.

• Partnering with various governments and their agencies to provide skill building programmes for the rural youth.

• Partnering with Corporates & PSUs to provide sourcing & training solutions to create a skilled workforce Afterall , while our country has grown in numbers we have miles to go when it comes to having the right skills for the right job. Venkateshwara ohc Learning has a vision to develop this potential and play a key role in providing skilled workforce.

Venkateshwara ohc Learning, at each step, has ensured mechanisms to induce sustainability in the Training processes & strengthen them. From mandatory boot camps to periodic refresher workshops, to functional training & specialized training like Instructional Design boot camps, Venkateshwara ohc Learning skill instructors are nurtured with continuous learning & development opportunities under the aegis of Venkateshwara ohc Skill Instructor’s Guild – a one of its kind initiative to reward & recognized skill instructors.


1.Occupational Therapy assistant

2.Basic Anatomy & Physiology

3.Vaccination Technician


5.EMG Technician

6.Pharmacy Assistant

7.Dental Ceramic Assistant

8.Operation Theatre Technician

9.Yoga Therapist

10.Medical record Technician

11.Health Care Multipurpose Worker